Plans start as low as $300 per month and can be adapted to meet your unique needs, because your needs are indeed unique to your nonprofit.


Accounting software set-up and subscription using QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Secure, virtual accounting software that gives you 24/7 access to your finances.

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Record and properly categorize up to 75 transactions per month.

Proper categorization helps you understand your cash flow and your financial health so you can best leverage your finances to create IMPACT. Plus, this categorization makes IRS reporting so much easier.


Prepare, on a monthly basis, your three most critical financial reports.

Your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows provide critical information about your nonprofits financial health so that you can make sound decisions. Don't worry if these can seem like gibberish. I'll e them explain them clearly for you in our monthly consultations so that you can make great decisions.


One hour phone or video consultation a month.

This is where I provide real value. In this dedicated 1:1 support, we will review your three financial reports to make sure you understand the ins and outs of your financial health and how that can impact the decisions you make.


Communication and coordination with your CPA.

Don't stress when it's time to file your 990. My attention to your financials throughout the year will make this tedious process a breeze. I will make myself available for any questions your CPA has to make this time of year smooth for both you and your accountant.

Additional Services

Additional transactions

Some months have more revenue or expenses per month than others, particularly around the winter holidays. If your nonprofit occasionally or routinely has more than 75 transactions per month, I can handle that. Just ask.

Bookkeeping clean-up

No worries if you have fallen behind on your bookkeeping or had past mistakes. Just ask for a bid to clean-up your books so you can move forward with confidence.

Custom financial reports

I know that every nonprofit is unique and some granting entities can have unique and challenging reporting requirements. I will work with you to get you the information you need.